2.0 is not just a number

Redline future of skiing

REDLINE 2.0 - The Future of Skiing

This is the next generation of world cup skis

Featuring entirely new materials, significantly redesigned geometry, sidecut and construction, the Redline 2.0 is a completely new line of skis. The result of three years and thousands of hours of extensive research and development, testing and retesting.

The revolutionary new Redline 2.0 delivered outstanding results throughout the 2017-18 season, including the overall World Cup title, the overall Tour de Ski victory and numerous World Cup podiums.

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Redline classic half

Three years of relentless development has resulted in significant improvement.

  • We changed the sidecut making the ski wider under the foot in the kick zone and bringing the wide-point closer to the foot. This creates a straighter sidecut with a less responsive front end.
  • The height profile is redistributed by adding more substance to the very thin tip and tail. This increases the bending radius and provides a smoother transition to the pressure points in the glide zones.
  • Overall, the new construction allows the ski to float higher in soft snow, while maintaining the same easy kick as the previous models.
  • The Redline 2.0 classic skis feature the new Rottefella Move System™ which allows the skier to easily adjust the position of the binding without taking the skis off.
  • Redline 2.0 classic skis are available with two specific cambers for plus and cold conditions, both with the new ultra-fast P300 base.

N19002 Redline 2.0 Classic Cold MOVE 182– 207/543-44-44 Triaxial Carbon PR 100X 900gr/190cm P300 Nano

N19003 Redline 2.0 Classic Plus MOVE 182– 207/5 43-44-44 Triaxial Carbon PR 100X 900gr/190cm P300 Nano


Redline skate half

After thousands of hours of research, development and rigorous testing, we are proud to present the new Redline 2.0 skate skis.

  • Redline 2.0 skate feature a level of speed, control and stability beyond anything we have built before. These skis easily handle all conditions from moderate temperatures and natural snow to a wide range of wet conditions and artificial snow.
  • We made several changes to the materials and components, as well as the overall design of the ski.
  • Redline 2.0 skate skis feature a radically redesigned profile. The new skate ski has more material in the tip and tail, creating a longer bending radius and new tip shape for extreme light swing weight.
  • The camber has also been significantly redesigned with two specific models, for regular and soft condition snow. Redline 2.0 Skate skis are updated with the new, ultra-fast P300 base.

N19008Redline 2.0 Skate Regular NIS 7 White 172 – 192/5 41-44-44 Triaxial Carbon Plus PR 100X 900gr/190cm P 300 Nano

N19009Redline 2.0 Skate Soft Condition NIS 7 White 172 – 192/5 41-44-44 Triaxial Carbon Plus PR 100X 900gr/190cm P 300 Nano


The new revolutionary P300 base material is the result of intensive testing and development, with proven performance in the World Cup and Ski Classics.

  • All Redline 2.0 skis are featuring the new Ultra-fast P300 base material which gives the skis extreme flexibility for different snow types and varied terrain.
  • Faster glide. Improved glide overall, particularly in moist conditions.


  • Revolutionized geometries make the skis livelier, more precise, stable and faster.
  • New tip shapes provide lower swing weight for more agile performance and control.
  • Redline tile 3
    Redline tile 4


    • Easily adjust the position of the binding to optimize and customize grip and glide.
    • Move your binding on the go, no need to stop.
    • NIS 2.0 plate is compatible with all previous bindings (extra insert provided).

    Redline tile 1

    Now, we are ready for a prelaunch of the all-new Madshus Redline 2.0.

    Through the prelaunch period, a limited number of skis will be available to selected retailers.